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Policy & Vision

District Energy and Water Policy

(SCJCD Board Policy Manual 6.8.7)

Sonoma County Junior College District (Santa Rosa Junior College) commits to environmental protection through efficient energy management as a fundamental operational objective and integral to the strategy of fulfilling its educational mission. The district recognizes its responsibilities as a contributor to the community and that its operations and facilities impact the environment.

Therefore the District’s operational and planning decisions will incorporate the following: prudent use of energy resources, prevention and/or minimization of energy-related pollution and wastes, fostering a sense of personal responsibility for energy management, emphasize water conservation and environmental protection, continuous improvement in college energy management performance, and internal deployment of resources to reflect the District’s commitment to environmental protection through efficient energy management and sustainable practices.

 SRJC Sustainability Vision: 

Santa Rosa Junior College has ambitious goals for its resource use. We need everyone's help to achieve these goals, so whether your faculty, staff, or student contact us to get involved!

 The Vision of Sustainable Resource Use at SRJC aims to achieve the following energy, water, and waste goals by 2030.

Sustainability Project Spotlight:


In 2018, Santa Rosa Junior College was awarded a $4.9 million dollar grant from the California Energy Commission to build a demonstration micro-grid at the Santa Rosa Junior College Campus. Project Website coming soon! This project was recently featured in the news, find the links below to view them!

Press Democrat Article  /  Channel 5 News