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Economics and Equity


Economics is an important piece of the sustainability puzzle. At SRJC, we are looking at economics as it relates to the cost of implementing new energy and building systems, upgrading old infrastructure, and maintaining facilities to allow them to be efficient and serviceable long into the future. We are also exploring ways to address sustainability challenges while giving students the opportunity to learn through first-hand experience

Economics in sustainability is having the ability to support a defined level of economic production indefinitely. It refers to practices that support long-term economic growth without negatively impacting the social, environmental, and cultural aspects of the community.



In the context of sustainability, the term equity has to do with fairness to all people within the community, whether they have similar rights, opportunities and access to all forms of community capital. Equity in sustainability incorporates implementing accessibility and engagement on generating sustainability programs and policies and allowing those with the highest needs to have fair benefits. Overall, we must consider generational impacts on future generations to not have any unfair burdens. 

At SRJC, we strive to help students, staff, and faculty be successful through a variety of services including Food, Transportation, Housing, and Health. We offer The Food Pantry on our campus that provides shelf-stable food and fresh produce to people in need. Public transportation is free with a student I.D. card for Sonoma County, City of Santa Rosa, and Petaluma Transit buses. A recent report verified in Sonoma County, 19% of community college students throughout California experienced homelessness in the past year. SRJC offers services like shower access and kits, hygiene supplies, how to find beds and housing, emergency food, warm and wet gear, and more to help combat such a prevalent issue among students. Lastly, the most important thing is to be healthy. At student health services, and outside services in the community any physical and mental health resources you need are available whenever you need them. Whatever services you may need, SRJC is here to help and give you what you need. 

A 2019 equity project has sought to address food insecurity is the Sustainable Agriculture Program + SRJC Food Pantry Garden. During Earth Week, SRJC's Sustainable Agriculture Program, led by coordinator, Josh Beniston, built and installed three new ADA-friendly raised garden beds in the landscaped area adjacent to the Bailey Field food pantry kiosk. Students from the Sustainable Agriculture program, along with CalFresh student employees will maintain the gardens and harvest food as it is harvested over the summer, and make it available to the SRJC community

Throwing the first dirt for the demonstration food pantry garden


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