Zero Waste Event Scorecard

The Sonoma County Junior College District is dedicated to helping reduce energy, resource consumption, and carbon emissions, and to providing zero-waste efforts for special events.  Our intention is to manage events in a way that minimizes negative social, environmental and economic impacts. We are now “JC PLASTIC FREE.”  In support of these principles, the waste diversion staff will assist with providing training and support in the sustainability management of events and implement a compostables and recycling collection whenever requested.  Please contact us at the e-mail address below for assistance, advice, and training.

Please use the following guidelines for all events:


  • PLAN - Request waste service on EMS when setting up the event. Designate a Zero Waste Leader from your staff (to complete the following).  Plan for the washing of reusable containers.
  • PROMOTE – To save paper, ink, and money, minimize the number of posters and flyers that will be printed. Do not purchase plastic, inexpensive items to give away at the event.  Include an “eco message” in your promotional materials. “We are striving for zero waste at the event.  Please bring your cup and utensil set (if possible), and sort your waste to help us divert from the landfill.”
  • TRAIN - Explain to your staff the “measures” that your team will be taking and how they can help. Encourage all staffmembers to discuss our environmental commitment at the event.
  • SHOP - Choose a store (Smart Foodservice) or website ( that sells compostable items. If shopping at CostCo on Santa Rosa Avenue, Smart Food Service is only four blocks away.
  • PLATESUse uncoated, dull (not shiny) paper plates/bowls for serving food. NO PLASTIC   PLATES.  NO STYROFOAM PLATES.
  • CUPS/DRINKSUse paper cups or compostable cups. NO WATER BOTTLES under one gallon. NO PLASTIC CUPS. NO STYROFOAM CUPS.  Serving from a large container into paper cups is the best choice (until our new compost site
  • OTHER PLASTICS – NO PLASTIC TABLECLOTHS (paper tablecloths can be composted).  Do not offer single-use disposable items (condiment packets, plastic bags, plastic straws, drink lids, etc.).


When serving, remind guests and crew to dispose food and plates in the green bin: “You can compost your plate!”  Guests enjoy discussing zero waste measures and plans. Discuss!


WASTE DISPOSAL – Please sort your waste as you throw away items.  All food, paper plates, and napkins go into green bins to be composted.  Garbage includes: “compostable” cups and straws (for now), plastic bags and wrap, soiled plastics and paper cups. Make a note to restock for your next event.

On behalf of the Waste Diversion Team, we thank you for complying with these guidelines and helping to decrease the impacts from your events.
“People, prosperity, planet”

Questions/Support:  Guy Tillotson,



  • First of all, celebrate any steps you took. It's about doing what you can, not trying to be perfect!
  • One point per measure...10 total.
  • Give your crew a bonus point for any other measure that is not listed.
  • Celebrate successes. Share your progress at your next staff meeting or in an email.
  • Submit the scorecard to the Waste Diversion team.


Check all that are done
Check all that are done
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