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Santa Rosa Junior College's Strategic Plan Goal E establishes a culture of sustainability that promotes environmental stewardship, economic vitality, and social equity throughout all district sites.

  • Promote sustainability broadly across all areas of campus operations, student life, academics, and civic and community engagement
  • Create professional development opportunities related to sustainability for faculty and staff
  • Supporting student sustainability groups, clubs, and initiatives
  • Oversee and promote environmental education at SRJC, including supporting the development of environmental courses and majors, administering the Global/Environment AS requirement, facilitating the Environmental Forum course, awarding Foundation scholarships, and assisting faculty across all disciplines to incorporate sustainability issues into their curricula

Event Spotlight:

Global Climate Strike, 20-27 Sept.

On Friday, September 20, three days before the UN summit on climate change, students around the globe will strike from school to call for immediate political action on the climate emergency. They have been striking regularly for the past year (March 15May 24).


Friday, Sept 20

  • 9:30 am - 11 am  Meet for food and pre-rally festivities (Student Activities Center/Quad, Santa Rosa Campus)
  • 11 am - 12 noon March to Courthouse Square
  • 12 noon - 2 pm Rally at Courthouse Square 

We hope you will join us and invite your friends and family, too. There are thousands of events planned all over the country and the world, so everyone should be able to find an event to join. Many of us will be accompanied by our own children, whose futures depend on the political action taken over the next few years.


If you don't already believe that immediate political action on climate change is needed, please watch this brief 2018 address from UN Secretary-General António Guterres, or see this link for detailed scientific reports. Or just consider this:


·      The planet needs to stay between 1.5 and 2.0 degrees Celsius of warming to avoid a climate that is hostile to human civilization.

·      If we continue on our current trajectory, we will hit 2 degrees warming in 32 years, and 4 degrees warming by the end of the century.


Spotlight: Sustainable Transportation

  • Before you purchase your parking permit for Fall 2019, consider purchasing a Carpool Pass for $30 to receive priority carpool parking on the Santa Rosa and Petaluma Campuses. More information about the Carpool Pass is available HERE 


    A limited number of discounted student SMART passes will be available for Summer and Fall 2019 terms on a first come, first served basis.


  • Fall passes will cost $260 and will be valid from August 19 - December 20. 
  • This Eco-Pass is for use only, as a student of Santa Rosa Junior College. The Eco-Pass is non-transferable, cannot be sold, transferred or duplicated, and may not be provided to or used by anyone else other than the participating student to whom it is issued, including family and friends. If someone other than myself is found using this Eco-Pass on SMART, that person may be subject to a fine.

  • Students must tag their Eco-Passes on the Clipper reader at the SMART station platform each time they embark and disembark the train.

  • SMART, in its sole discretion, may replace damaged, lost or stolen Eco-Passes.