• There are 7 EV charging ports at the Santa Rosa Campus, 4 in Petaluma, 2 at Shone Farm, and 4 at the Public Safety Training Center

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Transportation & Access

There are many transportation options for navigating to each SRJC campus. From a sustainability perspective, driving alone in a traditional gas or diesel vehicle emits the greatest amount of carbon dioxide. Sustainable SRJC encourages students, staff, and faculty to adopt an alternative commute at least once a week, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation to and from our campuses.

At the time of our last transportation survey in 2017, we found that 64% of students and 80% of employees regularly drive alone to SRJC. There is certainly room for improvement. Students may ride free on local buses by simply showing drivers a valid Student ID card when boarding the vehicle. In addition, SRJC offers a limited number of discounted semester SMART passes available to purchase at the beginning of each semester in the Santa Rosa accounting office and Petaluma student life office. Walking, biking, and other non-motorized mobility options are healthy ways to keep active and get to school.

Employees interested in commuting via transit, or incorporating transit into their current routine should consider enrollment in the Commuter Benefits Program offered through the payroll office. This program allows employees to allocate monthly pre-tax dollars from their paycheck toward transit fares.

At SRJC, we strive to make access easy and equitable for all. The Disability Resources Department (DRD) facilitates equal access for qualified students to community college education through services, academic accommodations, and educational assistance courses in accordance with state and federal law.  Students with verified disabilities are encouraged to request services through this department.