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Creating a Culture of Sustainability

How SRJC helps you be sustainable.

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Goal: Reduce your reliance on single-use products

Water Bottle Refill Station

Did you know Americans use 89 billion plastic water bottles a year? Of those, only one in six is recycled. The recycled plastic is degraded during the recycling process making it only usable for composite materials such as fleece and plastic composite wood - so it's not actually removed from the waste stream; it's just delayed.

In November 2014, with the support of SRJC Student Government, SRJC installed its first water bottle refill station. The refill station is located on the first floor of the Bertolini Student Center on the north side of the  breezeway. The refill station diverts, on average, fills over 1,500 bottles/month with cool, filtered, tap water. Carry a reusable bottle with you and reduce your waste output.


Eco-friendly products

SRJC Reusables

The SRJC Bookstore stocks a wide array of eco-friendly products including: reusable SRJC water bottles, travel mugs and bags as well as locally made products (including organic Shone Farm goods) and products made of post-consumer content . Go green while showing off your BearCub pride!




Bring your own cup, discount
Bring your own mug

Fresh and Natural (campus food services) will give you $.25 off your drink for bringing your own mug. It is estimated that 14 billion coffee cups are thrown away each year and due to the polystyrene lining that is used to make them waterproof, they're not easily recyclable or compostable.



Eco-Friendly Transit

Goal: Reduce your carbon footprint

Bicycle repair station


Do you want to ride your bike to campus but are concerned you need to carry a tool kit and bike pump with you? The bicycle repair station has you covered. In May 2015, with the support of SRJC Student Government, SRJC installed its first bicycle repair station located on the north side of Pioneer Hall.

SRJC has over 600 bike parking space including several BikeLink lockers.

The SRJC Bookstore has tire patches, locks and BikeLink cards available for purchase.

More information on biking in Sonoma County

SRJC Santa Rosa Campus Bike Rack Map


Priority Carpool Parking

Don't ride alone! The Quinn (swim center) parking lot is a designated carpool parking lot and gives you a better chance of finding a parking spot quickly. If you need help finding a carpool check out Carma, a ride sharing application partnered with the Sonoma County Transit Agency.


Santa Rosa Junior College students can ride Sonoma County Transit, Petaluma Transit, and Santa Rosa City Bus for free, anytime and anywhere, by showing their valid CubCard upon boarding. With the start of SMART rail service, Sonoma County Transit’s Route 44 will be a “free” link to and from the Petaluma SMART Depot for SRJC students with their current CubCard. There are also SMART Connectors and Shuttles available though Sconoma County Transit. 

City of Santa Rosa bus passes are available for purchase at the SRJC Bookstore's Santa Rosa location and Petaluma Transit bus passes are available for purchase at the SRJC Bookstore's Petaluma location.


Goal: Divert waste from a landfill

When you recycle at SRJC, you help to support SRJC! The water bottle refill station and the bicycle repair station wouldn't have been made possible without you recycling! CRV funds are collected and go to fund. Over 90 recycling receptacles are positioned at convenient locations around campus.